Soup Run and Foodstore – Norwich Vineyard

Norwich Vineyard church runs two food projects - a weekly Soup Run for Big Issue sellers in Norwich city centre and a monthly Foodstore project, collecting food donations from church members and creating two-day boxes for local families.

Norfolk feeds 5000logo243Peter Elwick, who organizes the Soup Run, said: “We walk a route through the city centre seeing the Big Issue vendors. We also look out for rough sleepers and offer them hot drinks and sandwiches.

“It is an opportunity to have a chat with somebody and just see how they are doing. It is really good to develop a relationship with them. Part of the motivation for me is the scripture in Matthew 25 where Jesus is saying very clearly, ‘if you are not doing this for these people then you are not doing it for me’. I want to try to be a bit of Jesus really as we go around.”


Project: Soup Run
Who: Norwich Vineyard
What: Free sandwiches, a drink and a chat
Where: Norwich city centre
How many: 10 people x three weeks each month
Contact: Peter Elwick at or on 07908 761492

The Foodstore project collects food donations from church members one Sunday each month, boxes it up to feed a family for two days and distributes them via agencies such as Surestart, a doctor’s surgery, the church, social services and children’s services.
Organiser Austin Perkins said: “It gives us an opportunity to show the community that we are there and that we care.”


Project: Foodstore
Who: Norwich Vineyard
What: Free boxes of non-perishable food
Where: East Norwich
How many: Each month 10 families receive a box of food to feed them for two days
Contact: Austin Perkins at or on 07984 873815

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About the project

Norfolk Feeds 5000 is a research project which aims to establish the extent to which the Christian community across Norfolk is meeting the simple command of Jesus to "feed the hungry".

Christian churches, groups and individuals across Norfolk meet the needs of the hungry and the thirsty every day of the year through foodbanks, free community meals, homeless projects, soup runs, Messy Church and other activities.
A simple survey has been conducted to attempt to quantify the extent to which this is happening and the findings of the survey will be published here, including many of the stories about the projects which feed people throughout Norfolk.
The project is supported by Celebrate Norfolk, Network Norfolk, Christian Aid, the Diocese of Norwich, Good News for Norwich & Norfolk and Bright Map and is named after the Bible story of the Feeding of The 5000.

If your Christian food-related project is not featured in our case studies and you would like us to include you, please send details, a fact file, a picture and web links to us by clicking here

The research and reporting team behind NorfolkFeeds5000 is from Network Norwich & Norfolk: Jenny Seal, Helen Baldry, Tony Rothe & Keith Morris.


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