What is the greatest thing you have received from God?

If I ask you what the greatest thing you have received from God is, what would you say, asks Robert Hodd from the Good News Stand which regularly appears at Celebrate Norfolk and the Royal Norfolk Show.

Perhaps a family member or a friend who is dear to you.  For some it will be a healing.  Maybe it is a house, a car, a great holiday.  Or is it that you can’t think of anything?  Really the greatest thing that God has given anyone is grace (something valuable which we don’t deserve).
We probably wouldn’t want to confront anyone except someone close about a fault they have (unless they just upset us badly by it) but even with a close friend, we tend not to want to cause upset or bad feeling so just keep quiet when they need gentle correction even if they are going to cause themselves grief.  It can be awkward can’t it?  It takes real love to gently point out in an effective way to someone close the danger they are in.
But God doesn’t shy away from explaining to us our biggest problem – that in ourselves we cannot have a relationship with him because only perfection can be in his presence.  And who of us would claim to be perfect?  Just one lie spoils it for us.  We have blown it.
It isn’t just that we cannot be close to him but also there are consequences for wrong-doing, as anyone who has been declared guilty in court knows.  Punishment.  In this case, eternal.  God is straight with us about that.  Not to rub our noses in it but because he loves us and has the answer.  What is that answer?  A substitute; Jesus.  The Lord Jesus Christ to give him his full title and name.  God the Son.  He would become a human like us but perfect, not like us.  He would take all the punishment everyone deserves.  He would even die.  But because he was perfect, he could and did rise after three days buried never to see death again – he took that punishment for everyone who wants God’s forgiveness, who is serious about really knowing God.
Religion doesn’t work.  Being good fails.  But by just accepting that the Lord Jesus Christ is our substitute and committing to let God be in control, we have a great eternal life guaranteed and lots of advantages beforehand.
Such good news.
The Good News Stand isn’t a church or even an organisation.  Just a group of people who know God’s grace and who want others to know and receive it for themselves – who wouldn’t want to share it?  Nothing pressured and no names taken.  We love being at Celebrate and the Royal Norfolk Show to share leaflets, to show folks around our stands and just to chat over a cuppa.  If you are interested, have questions, worries or want to share how you received God’s grace, just email us – it would be great to hear from you.
You can also read more about this in the Bible. In Romans 3 v 23, Romans 6 v 23, John 3 v 16 or Romans 10 v 9 for example
 Photo by nappy from Pexels