Norwich minister's global mission role 

As the UK Development Director for World Outreach, Norwich-based former Baptist pastor, David Adams, oversees and implements any opportunity to share the story of World Outreach. This includes the many ways it is advancing the spread of the Good News of Jesus around the world.

WO LogoDavid’s involvement with World Outreach (WO) began in the early 1990s. His introduction to the organisation came when ministering in India.

“My contact there was an Indian man who I had met at Bible College in Dallas, Texas in 1978. God’s ways are amazing,” said David (pictured above). “Since the 90s I have done many mission trips with WOI. I count it a true privilege to be part of a mission with such a big heart for the unreached peoples of the world."

David retired from pastoral work as a UK Baptist minister in Norwich in 2014. He then felt the clear leading of God for his next steps. To help build, in the UK, an understanding of the continuing need to ‘make disciples of all nations’. "And why not through WO!" he thought.

Who is World Outreach?

World Outreach is a mission's agency - a ministry organisation that exists to help Christian missionary endeavour. We do this through:

  • Raising Leaders - We are committed to the ongoing development and discipleship of leaders across the majority world.
  • Evangelism & Church Planting - We actively share the Gospel and empower people to plant churches.
  • All Nations Mobilisation - We are passionate to see Christians encouraged, equipped, and mobilised to make disciples among their own people.
  • Children’s Ministry - We are dedicated to sharing the Good News with the world’s children, then discipling them, and providing loving and supportive care.
  • Humanitarian Aid - We are committed to combining practical compassion with the hope of Jesus.
  • World Outreach has been around since 1932 and our workers are in many different locations all over the globe. We are compelled by the love and message of Jesus to go and reach unreached people groups.
What Is An Unreached People Group?

Unreached people groups often live in difficult places, speak difficult languages, and are hard to reach. We use the term ‘unreached people group’ (UPG) in missions circles to describe an ethno-linguistic people group “among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group without outside assistance”. Ref Joshua Project. They are distinguishable by their language, culture, or beliefs. There are 16,000 people groups in the world. Of these, a staggering 6,000 classify as unreached.

There are 3 billion people living in an unreached people group with little or no opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our goal at World Outreach is not evangelism alone. Through discipleship and leadership training, we want them to disciple their own people and plant their own churches. Then go to reach other peoples with the Gospel.

In The UK

Although things have been somewhat restricted in the past year, David Adams has maintained contact with many churches, groups and individuals in the UK. He also holds Zoom meetings with Global Connections – an organisation that helps and co-ordinates work amongst different Mission Agencies.

Through Global Connections, David has involved World Outreach in many university mission roadshows over the past three years. This involves visiting Christian Unions with an evening presentation focussing on world mission. These are very exciting and encouraging evenings as we engage with the students in presenting the challenge and call to world mission.

2020 and 2021 has been a challenge but David and his team have been able to put together an online roadshow via Zoom which students have received well. Working with UCCF to manage these roadshows is quite a privilege and it will be great when they can visit the universities again in person.

Seeking to be creative in these challenging times, David has also hosted four 45-minute Virtual Coffee Stops on Zoom. Attendance has been from UK pastors, supporters, interested parties, and a mixture of WOI personnel from around the world. Our International Director, Bruce Hills from Melbourne, Australia, has also been able to join, giving encouraging updates on the global activity of WO. We have also had direct input from India, Mozambique, Macedonia, and Thailand.
he feedback has been encouraging, people feel informed, and we plan to continue these even when lockdown is over.

David's role is to also make contact with people who have a passion for reaching the unreached. This involves presentations at various churches and groups, plus meeting with individuals who want to know more about WO's work and who may sometimes be exploring going on the mission field themselves. We are thrilled that there have been two such people in the last year who are preparing to go on the mission field in Asia when circumstances permit.

David is always open to opportunities to share about our heart for reaching the unreached of the world. If you would like to discuss an event with him, please contact by email at: david.adams@world-outreach.com You can also learn more about World Outreach and our projects at www.world-outreach.com.

Find out more by watching the video about World Outreach here or below.