Norfolk Healing Rooms has faith for our times

Norfolk Healing Rooms, which offers free ministry for the sick in body, mind and spirit, is continuing its service through Zoom and offering free taster prophetic evenings. 

RayScorey308Norfolk Healing Rooms, led by Revs Ray and Ruth Scorey, looks to Isaiah 53:4-5, which states that the Lord died not only to save us from our sins but to heal our diseases. 

“We've seen a number of wonderful physical healings over the years; from eyesight restored, prostate cancer diminished, broken bones united and long-term back ache completely gone, not to mention emotional and spiritual healings,” said Ruth.

Ray and Ruth are also Regional Directors for the South-East of England, in association with Healing Rooms England and Wales (HREW Charity Registration Number 1125094) and the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR).

All team members, from a variety of denominations, are spirit-filled Christians, thoroughly trained and regularly kept up to date with healing techniques.
In normal times, the Norfolk HR team convenes in various locations in North Norfolk, using private homes, as well as providing mobile ministry by way of a converted van in North Walsham Vicarage Street car park, at East Runton Car-Boot Sale and once a year at Celebrate Norwich and Celebrate Kings Lynn. Since Covid-19 the team are able to offer online Zoom ministry.

"Zoom is brilliant for confidentiality," said Ruth. "We use Zoom features like the waiting room and breakout rooms (which are more private than meeting in a building), and the Zoom main meeting room becomes our private reception area."
Healing Rooms were inspired by John G. Lake in the early 20th century, when Spokane was declared the healthiest city in the world after over 100,000 documented healings were recorded during a five-year period. Cal Pierce re-dug the wells of healing in Spokane in 1999 and since then International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) has become an international and growing organisation, with over 3,000 centres in over eighty countries. They have a vision to see at least one HR in every town and city across the world. The first IAHR Healing Room in the UK opened in Halifax, West Yorkshire at the end of January 2003. There are now over 70 Healing Rooms in the UK. Norfolk HR began in 2007.


Phone: 07900 341 287
Norfolk Healing Rooms does not charge for its ministry but donations are always gratefully received to pay for the HREW subscription and insurance cover, as well as being able to offer financial help to various people.

Norfolk HR can help other ministries understand more about inner healing and roadblocks to healing. It also offers a free taster prophetic evening, encouraging people to hear God through pictures. Prayer support for  its ministry and the guests it ministers to would be much appreciated.

Pictured above are Ray and Ruth Scorey; top image by congerdesign from Pixabay